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February 10, 2006 - 09:47

Walters Gardens, Inc. Offers Benchcards

Walters Gardens, Inc. recently announced the launch of its new online benchcard catalog. Qualified customers now have a quick and convenient way to order professional quality, laminated benchcards through a new online catalog, accessible only through In just five days, the cards are printed, packed and shipped by FedEx-Kinko’s.

Walters Gardens offers benchcards for approximatly 1,100 cultivars of perennials. Each benchcard includes a large color image, plant details, growing tips and suggested companion plants. Benchcards are available in two sizes, 5x7 inches and 7x11 inches and are priced individually with discounts given for larger orders.

BioWorks Exclusively Markets BotaniGard

Laverlam International, Corp. recently announced that BioWorks, Inc. will be the exclusive distributor of BotaniGard in the United States.

BotaniGard, based on the beneficial fungus Beauveria bassiana strain GHA, was developed to control a wide range of adult and larval stages of insects including whiteflies, thrips and aphids. BotaniGard has a 4-hour REI, no preharvest interval and touts no residue.

Production of BotaniGard will continue to occur in Butte, Mon. This 24,000 sq.ft. plant will continue to produce Beauveria based products.

Darwin Goes Royal

Darwin Plants has recently announced that it has been granted a Royal Warrant as nurserymen to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom. This is given in recognition of Darwin Plants having been chosen to supply plants directly to the Royal Household for the past five years.

Darwin Plants is the only Dutch company to currently hold a Royal Warrant from the UK Royal Household, according to Darwin Plants.

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