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March 17, 2006 - 10:36

Company Aquires Summit Plastic

Lincolnshire Management Inc., a New York-based private equity firm and Janivo, a Dutch investement entity, have announced the acquisition of Summit Plastic, Janor Pot and Desch-PlantPak. The acquisition became official March 1, 2006.

The companies will continue with the same executive management, brand offerings and renewed and expanded capital investments. Lincolnshire Management Inc. and Janivo with operate these companies (along with their first horticulture acquisition, Nursery Supplies, Inc.) as a group.

Dosatron Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Dosatron International is celebrating its 20th anniversary for water-powered dosing technology. The company will commemorate the occasion on May 29, 2006.

It began in the horticulture industry, and throughout the years, the company has expanded. Over the 20 years Dosatron has grown into the livestock and agricultural applications and branched out into industrial marketplaces such as car washes, hygiene and sanitizing, metal processing, printing and environmental treatments.

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