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Physan 20 has a number of uses for commercial growers, nurseries and home gardeners. For commercial growers, Physan 20 controls algae on benches, walkways, glass, pots, trays and other surfaces. Physan 20 can be used in evaporative coooling systems to control algae and odor. In both nurseries and greenhouses the product is labeled for application on a wide variety of ornamental plants to control bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. Home gardening and landscape use include algae control in fountains, pools, birdbaths and water displays. Physan can also be sprayed on bricks, cement, statuary, walls and other hard surfaces to control and prevent algae. Physan is also used to spray on orchids.

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Physan 20 is a general-purpose greenhouse disinfectant for surfaces, plants and water systems. It controls fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens on pots, trays, benches and...