McGregor Plant Sales

McGregor Plant Sales is recognized as a leading horticultural distributor in North America. McGregor Plant Sales supplies professional greenhouse growers and nurseries with the most reliable source of unrooted cuttings and other young plant starts. For further information, call your McGregor Plant Sales representative, or contact McGregor Plant Sales at 1902 Wright Place, Suite 140, Carlsbad, CA U.S.A. 92049. Phone: 760.431.1006

1902 Wright Pl., Ste. 140
Carlsbad CA 92008

Company Products

The newest generation of angelonia, the large-flowered Adessa series, is bred by PAC. The vibrant flowers on tidy plants make attractive displays at retail in combination...
Thriving in hot conditions, ‘ToppoT White’ is easy to maintain and continuously sets out fan-like flowers in pristine white from spring to late fall. With a chunky semi-...
‘Niño Luis Amerinova’ grows to 8-10 inches tall and spreads 12-16 inches in partial to full shade. This variety is bred to finish up to three weeks faster than traditional...