North Carolina Greenhouse Conducts its Own Poinsettia Trials

December 30, 2009 - 11:27

Mitchell’s Nursery & Greenhouse Inc. in King, N.C., recently conducted a survey of 72 varieties of poinsettias at its consumer open house event in early December. The nursery grew more than 9,000 poinsettias and labeled three plants of each variety for judging in five categories: novelty, red, white, marble and pink. Consumers voted for their top five favorites in each category, as well as their three overall favorites.

To promote the open house and trials, the nursery placed ads in many local publications, was featured in several news outlets, sent postcards to customers and listed the event on its website and Facebook page.

About 250 people voted during the four-hour open house event, and voting remained open an additional week for anyone stopping by. Here are the winners:

  • Red: 'Carousel Dark Red'
  • White: 'Christmas Carol White'
  • Pink: 'Polly's Pink'
  • Novelty: 'Shimmer Surprise'
  • Marble: 'Marblestar'

The top three overall favorites were 'HC-18B', a pink novelty; 'Shimmer Surprise'; and 'Ice Punch', which has been named among the consumer favorites for years at the National Poinsettia Trials.

For more information on poinsettias, visit GPN's Poinsettia Zone at Stay tuned for further coverage of the National Poinsettia Trials in the February issue of GPN.

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