PanAmerican Seed to Unveil Multipelleted Seed

April 2, 2010 - 10:29

Ball Horticultural Co. recently announced that the company's PanAmerican Seed division would be introducing a brand new product at this year's California Spring Trials: the Fuseables line of multipelleted seed.

The pellets represent a "giant leap beyond ordinary combos," according to a press release; they're designed to create a more natural-looking mix of plants that already complement one another.

“The multi-pellets produce instant mixed containers,” said Laurence Pallez, product manager for PanAmerican Seed. “Every plug tray will contain a well-balanced variety mix across the tray, yet each plug will be unique.” According to PanAmerican Seed, Fuseables is the first-ever professional-quality, single- or multi-species multipellet seed.

In addition to juncus 'Twisted Dart' and 'Twisted Arrows' pellets, Fuseables will also be available with the following varieties:

  • Blues Brothers (lobelia): 'Riviera Mid Blue' / 'Crystal Palace'
  • White Knights (lobelia): 'Riviera White' / 'White Lady'
  • Ol’ Blue Eyes (lobelia): 'Riviera Blue Eyes' / 'Mrs. Clibran'
  • Bed O’ Roses (lobelia): 'Riviera Rose' / 'Rosamond'
  • Cotton Candy (multispecies): Petunia 'Shock Wave Pink Vein' / Bacopa 'Blutopia Blue'
  • Silk N Satin (multispecies): Petunia 'Shock Wave Pink Shades' / Bacopa 'Snowtopia White Improved'
  • Blueberry Lime Jam (petunia): 'Sophistica Lime Green' / 'Dreams Midnight'
  • Key Lime Parfait (petunia): 'Sophistica Lime Green' / 'Dreams Red' / 'Dreams White'
  • Flirtini (petunia): 'Debonair Lime Green' / 'Carpet Rose'

This product will debut at Ball's "Shoppes on Main" from April 10 to 16 in Santa Paula, Calif. The GPN staff will be there to check them out live and in person — will you?

For more information on Ball's Spring Trials event, check out Get more information on PanAmerican Seed products and culture information at

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