July 25, 2010 - 23:00

Aimed at high-volume production where economy and quality are equally important, the pansy Sense series offers a great color range, including Clear Yellow and Clear White.

Transplant into a well-drained, disease-free, peat-based growing mix with a pH of 5.5-5.8 and EC less than 1.5. Keep soil temperatures at 63° F to root out, then lower to 55-60° F to grow on. Pansies grow better in cooler temperatures, but crop time will increase if they’re grown cooler than indicated.

Keep light levels at 3,000-4,000 foot-candles. If light levels are higher, provide shade if to maintain cooler temperatures. Practice a good wet/dry moisture cycle for best rooting and height control.

For plant growth regulation, use sprays of B-Nine (daminozide) at 2,500-5,000 ppm, A-Rest (ancymidol) at 3-10 ppm, B-Nine at 1,500-2,500 ppm + Cycocel (chlormequat chloride) at 750-1,500 ppm, B-Nine at 1,500-2,500 ppm + A-Rest at 3-7 ppm, or Bonzi (paclobutrazol) at 2-5 ppm.

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