Pesticide Training In Spanish

October 28, 2005 - 09:23

New York Governor George Pataki recently signed a law stating that all pesticide training in the state of New York must be conducted in Spanish as well as English, according to the Associated Press (AP) . The law stems from the number of Spanish-speaking farm workers in the state.

“The law, which takes effect in January, is aimed at immigrant laborers who are employed on farms across the state. Penalties for not having the certification to handle pesticides can be severe,” said the New York Farm Bureau to the AP .

“The new law requires all exams and training for the handling of pesticides be in both Spanish and English. There are an estimated 4,000 Spanish-speaking farm-related workers in New York, according to the 2000 Census,” said the AP .

New York farmers hire employees from Spanish-speaking countries from all over the world. According to the AP , “The measure is designed to help end the ‘disconnect’ between farmers and their employees.”

Legislatures are also hoping “the bill will improve safety and health when more workers are trained and certified in handling dangerous chemicals,” stated the article.

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