Pleasant View Gardens Introduces New Programs

October 19, 2007 - 10:00

As part of a continuing effort to help growers combat rising labor costs, increase profits and ease crop production, Pleasant View Gardens (PVG) has introduced two new programs aimed at making growers' jobs a little easier.

The Plant & Ship Program provides growers with the most popular Proven Winners varieties in the highly recognizable Proven Winners packaging, while eliminating the initial labor costs involved with production. The program includes Proven Winners branded 4½-inch containers in self-symmetricized display trays pre-planted with PVG's "preprogrammed" enhanced liners. These pre-planted trays eliminate production labor costs and costs for sourcing materials.

The Enhanced Liner Program aims to help growers solve the pesky problems of timing, increasing turns and difficult-to-produce crops. Enhanced liners are performance-charged, ready-to-go liners of Proven Winners varieties for 4½-inch production. The liners arrive at the grower with buds already initiated and a well-branching habit. Preprogramming ensures consistent performance and flowering, reduces production time and increases crop turns. These benefits combined can translate to increased revenue for the grower.

"With pre-programmed Enhanced Liners, production times for crops that would normally take six to seven weeks are now reduced to three to four weeks," said Mike Montler, territory account manager for Pleasant View Gardens.

Enhanced liners also take the production problems out of some of the industry's more finicky crops, such as Argyranthemum and Calibrachoa. Growers can stick the liners in and let them go, not worrying about growth regulators or controlling the legginess and delayed blooms.

The Enhanced Liner Program is available in 38 Proven Winners. Tray size is 42 liners, with four trays per single box and eight per double box (can be combined with other PVG liners to fill the box). Enhanced liners are shipped during weeks 10-20.

For additional information, visit or call (603) 435-8361.

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