Plug Connection

Plug into programs that work. It’s that easy. For over 20 years we’ve helped growers tap into the seed plug resources they need to develop powerful plant programs, and channel our innovative network of partners and outlets to deliver a steady surge of green. Our networks are made up of the best breeding companies in the industry.

Plug Connection Vegetative liner program is designed to provide the best access to the most programs and varieties – giving our customers an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Company Products

‘Lemon Lime’ coprosma offers glossy variegated leaves and a finished height of 3 feet. Ideal for small pots or downsized landscapes, this shrub is also a unique element in a...
Trial Dates: March 28 to April 5 Contact: Lisa Finnegan T: (760) 631-0992, ext. 118 F: (760) 940-1555 E-mail: Trial Location: 2627 Ramona Dr., Vista...