Premier Tech Horticulture Launches New Products

July 20, 2012 - 11:39

These new products include bioadditives, a chunk coir product and a fully certified organic medium.

Premier Tech Horticulture recently announced the launch of four new products.

With PRO-MIX Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae, growers can get the protection of a high-quality biofungicide working with the growth-enhancement qualities of a100 percent contaminant-free mycorrhizae —Mycorrhizae Premier Tech. This solution is offered in two formulations: PRO-MIX BX and PRO-MIX HP.

Premier Tech Horticulture also is offering growers two other new growing media: PRO-MIX HP CC Mycorrhizae, a peat/coir-based medium containing specially selected coir with optimized physical, chemical and microbiological qualities, and OMRI-listed PRO-MIX MP Mycorrhizae Organik, a product designed to meet the requirements of organic growers of herbs and vegetables, and whose basic components have been selected and formulated to provide gradual nutrient release during the first weeks of plant growth.

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