July 02, 2015
The American Rose Society (ARS) announced at the 2015 National Conference that Proven Winners received the Award of Excellence for Oso Easy Lemon Zest rose. To receive the... more
July 02, 2015
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., a global blueberry breeding and nursery stock company, received the 2015 Governor’s Trade Leadership Award during Oregon Consular Corps’... more
July 02, 2015
Michigan State University Extension and North Carolina State University are hosting the inaugural national Protecting Pollinators in Ornamental Landscapes Conference in... more
July 01, 2015
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment hired Rico Garay to its Agricultural and Horticultural Division. Garay will focus on expanding the Latin American markets in agriculture and... more
June 10, 2015
Light and temperature are two of the most commonly manipulated environmental factors in greenhouse crop production. Supplemental lighting is useful during light-limiting... more
June 10, 2015
The Go Go series is available in seven colors. Orange is pictured. Here I go again, this month I’m featuring another perennial that is not fully hardy across much of the... more
June 10, 2015
Growers like Sustainable Local Foods use LED lighting to produce plants year round while keeping costs down. As many growers have found out over the course of human history,... more
June 10, 2015
'Veranda Lavender’  Roses have long captured the imagination, from William Shakespeare’s “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (“Romeo and Juliet”) or... more
June 10, 2015
Preparation of water samples to determine how PGRs influence the final spray solution pH. Plant growth regulators (PGRs) have become a common and necessary tool in greenhouse... more

This portable EMD reader is an effective tool for growers of greenhouse edibles to maintain accurate amounts of chemicals on and around produce. The reader and its upgraded three ranges of peroxyacetic acid test strips meet the needs of all food safety programs.

  • This portable EMD reader is an effective tool for growers of greenhouse edibles to maintain accurate amounts of chemicals on and around produce. The reader and its upgraded three ranges of...
  • Standard 84s from Pleasant View Gardens set the standard for all-purpose liners that work equally well in small or large containers. They offer the widest selection of Proven Winners and Proven...
  • Turbo Shift is a multi-function, dual variable flow hose-end nozzle. Dual variable flow delivers light fog and low volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high-gear, high-volume outputs. It is...
  • Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic is a unique complex of beneficial microorganisms that promote the establishment and enhance the growth of greenhouse and nursery crops, landscape plants and...
  • The new Ultra Lean Dilution System for fertilizer and chemical injectors is an inexpensive way to pre-dilute acid and other corrosive chemicals. The system features multiple configurations to choose...
  • The corrosion-proof head creates a precise and gentle water pattern that won’t harm delicate plants and seedlings. The new nozzle is made from high-impact plastic, easily attaches to hose and hose...
  • Five new liner kits take the guesswork out of ordering for buyers and finishing for growers. Go & Grow Kits streamline orders with variety and quantity, packaged into a single item. Smart...
  • Broad-spectrum induction grow lamps deliver the light necessary for high-quality, high-yield and repeatable crop production. Lamps are designed to take plants from vegetative through final flowering...
  • SUPERthrive, a highly concentrated vitamin solution, improves growth in all plant and tree applications. This product remains unique internationally against tree loss and stressed plants. It is ideal...
  • Daystar AC utilizes the same patented double-wall design and reflective materials as the GLX unit. The two 6-inch built-on flanges allow for passive cooling. Reflector designs are initiated by grower...

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