Products + Varieties

The FB3032 three-tier unit can be
used for sidewalk, greenhouse and
general merchandise display. Add the two
optional lower rear...

The Challenger Series 12-inch
Hand Crank Welding Cable Reel
is designed for long-lasting performance
and is intended to protect...

Available drip irrigation systems
include: hanging basket,
potted plant, tabletop, ground and
hydroponic vegetable. Systems...

The TI-SmartBar 1000 LED Grow
Light uses about 65 percent less
electricity and produces about 65
percent less heat than HPS...

The EVO line of high-efficiency
water heating and hydronic boiler
systems is available in capacities
ranging from 79,000 to 8,...

Ideal for the hobbyist or professional
grower, the GreenMaster
features a complete prefabricated
frame constructed of steel pre-...

Solid fuel pucks can be made
from any dry wood or paper residue or agricultural biomass feedstock.
Pucks are intended to provide...

The Model #6400 seeder is a compact
tabletop needle seeder. It is self
contained and requires no outside
air source. It...

'Charmed Wine' boasts violet, shamrock-shaped leaves and delicate blushed flowers. It can made a great statement for the St. Patrick holiday,...

Pageant is a broad-spectrum fungicide that
combines a newly registered active ingredient,
boscalid, and pyraclostrobin. It has...