Proven Winners Debuts 30-Second Planter, Appears in Vogue

November 19, 2009 - 12:51

One of the main reasons people say they don’t garden is because of a lack of time. But now, with the 30-Second Planter from Proven Winners, it is both easy and fun to create an attractive container garden.

The 30-Second Planter was first test-marketed by Proven Winners’ propagator Four Star Greenhouse as Pop, Drop and Grow in 2008. George Strimpel, director of marketing for Four Star said, “This solution had such strong sell-through the first year we knew that it was going to be a home-run product for Proven Winners and their customers. The reason for its success is simple; it provides a solution for consumers that don’t have the time or experience to garden. It’s also a great solution for consumers who want to enjoy an already proven and tested combination without having to search for the various plants separately.”

This unique product allows consumers to easily remove the bottom of a biodegradable fiber container and then place it directly into a decorative container filled with soil. No digging is necessary. The fiber container contains Proven Winners plants in various combinations and, once the bottom is removed, it is then placed on top of the solid surface of the consumer’s final container. The plant’s roots then grow directly into the soil of the finished container, creating a quick container display.

The 30-Second Planter is available as a complete kit, which includes the exact number of plants needed, the biodegradable fiber containers with attached pull-tabs to remove the bottom, tags, point of purchase materials and sign holders.

It is available from all of the Proven Winners propagators in the United States (Four Star Greenhouse, Pleasant View Gardens and EuroAmerican Propagators) and in Canada from Nordic Nurseries, Dentooms Greenhouses and Sobkowich Greenhouse.

In other news, Proven Winners was featured in the November issue of Vogue magazine.

The multiple-page spread was linking fashion with gardening. Vogue’s circulation reaches more than 1.2 million readers each month and a typical one-page four-color advertisement in Vogue would cost $128,220. This product placement was not paid for.

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