Proven Winners Launches Earth-Friendly Magazine for Gardeners

August 29, 2008 - 11:51

In an effort to catch the eye of current and future gardeners, Proven Winners has launched Proven Beauty, a new online magazine. The Earth-friendly magazine was created to inspire gardeners of all ages, said Marshall Dirks, director of marketing for Proven Winners.

“We are extremely committed to reaching the end consumer, whether it be an 18-year-old or a 60-year-old,” Dirks said. “This tool was created to reach consumers of all ages — and younger consumers in particular — by providing an insightful online publication about gardening to enhance the readers’ experience, but with an earth-friendly, paperless approach.”

The subscription-free publication can be viewed at

The first edition articles include “Water Wisely,” “Make it Easy” and “Share Your Garden with Butterflies,” as well as a Q&A answered by plant expert P. Allen Smith. Proven Beauty is scheduled to run on a quarterly basis in different regions. Proven Winners is working with leading gardening editors from across the country to provide hands-on information specific to the readers’ region.

Readers are encouraged to fill out the survey that follows the Proven Beauty magazine and share their thoughts on how the editorial can improve from issue to issue. The advice will be used to guide editors to answer common concerns and provide ideas and suggestions to increase the joy, ease and success of gardening.

This new style, an Earth-friendly alternative to paper magazines, is an excellent solution to fulfilling the growing need for specialized, instantaneous, and enjoyable to read gardening information by consumers that are increasingly turning to online publications for their education.

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