PW Announces Perennial Pot Design

January 28, 2005 - 12:28

Proven Winners (PW) and Proven Selections (PS) Perennials containers are now available in a new line of white with purple-imprint. PW and PS Perennials tags also have a purple edge to match the design. Traditional white containers with green imprint are available for PW and PS spring flowering varieties; these varieties are sold with the traditional green-edged tags that the industry has become very familiar with. “If it’s in a purple container, it’s a Proven Winners Perennial or a Proven Selections Perennial variety,” said Marshall Dirks, PW’s director of marketing and public relations.

“Retailers and consumers need a way to distinguish between our spring flowering and perennial varieties. Color is the easiest and most effective way to do that,” said Dirks.

Although consumers usually associate color with mood, it is the relationship between color and memory that will cause people to make the purple/perennial connection, said Dirks. “Consumers remember colors easily. Hence, our new PW and PS Perennials lines can be sold in a distinctive consumer package, where the coloring of the container matches the coloring of the tag. That’s also why we’ve designed our tags and containers so that the word ‘Perennials’ is part of the logo. PW and PS Perennials are extensions of the PW and PS brands, so the distinct color and logo are the first thing the customer will see.”

PW and PS Perennials containers are available in three sizes — 4 1/2-inch, 1-quart, and 1-gal. sizes. The 4 1/2-inch container uses PW’s revolutionary Self-Symetricize system; when used with automatic container dispensers, containers shift into place in the tray — without assistance — to align the logos and tag locator slots. The containers also list total volume capacity in metric and imperial measurements, and include PW’s name and address. They also have newly re-designed graphics that incorporate suggestions made by 500 garden center customers: images that are more distinct and a larger logo. The purple-edged PW and PW Perennials plant tags also clearly identify plants by variety name and list all patent information. Containers and trays are manufactured exclusively by Dillen Products, Inc.
To order containers and trays or check prices online, growers can go to Information about PW and PS Perennials is available at or by calling (877) 865-5818.

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