The Raker Trial Gardens

June 19, 2009 - 11:25

The Raker Trial Gardens will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. July 15 to Aug. 28. The gardens, which cover more than 3 acres in Litchfield, Mich., consist of a wide variety of both annual and perennial flowers used primarily for horticulture comparison trials.

There are three main trials this year: annual comparison, container and hanging basket. The annual comparison trials contain more than 700 varieties of argyranthemum, basil, fibrous begonias, vegetative coleus, diascia, delphinium, gaura, annual and perennial salvia, and scented geraniums. The container trials feature a large selection of 2010 new introductions and mixed-culture varieties in large, 20-inch patio containers. The hanging basket trial is a collection of more than 300 varieties of vegetative trailing petunias.

The trial gardens also feature the breeder beds, the newest and best flower varieties in 16 beds, designed by professional landscapers and sponsored by plant and flower breeders from around the world. Companies represented include Ball Horticulture, Bartel Stek, Goldsmith, S&G Flowers, American Takii, Sakata, Grimes Horticulture, Heuger, Hort Couture, Fides, Floremara-Beekenkamp, Kerley and Company, Living Color Fundraiser, McGregor Plants, Syngenta Flowers and Selecta First Class.

Raker will also offer demonstrations in Green Roof technology and North American Native plants.

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