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August 11, 2006 - 05:58

New Tulip Named For Chicago’s First Lady

DeVroomen Holland Garden Products recently registered a new variety of pink lily flower tulip, tulipa ‘Maggie Daley’. Jack DeVroomen, a Netherlands’ grower, presented Chicago, Ill., First Lady Maggie Daley with a bouquet of tulipa ‘Maggie Daley’ earlier this year at a special ceremony.

In her acceptance speech, Daley told the audience that she had carried a “huge bouquet of tulips” on her wedding day. The private presentation and luncheon denoted the commencement of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association’s Tulip Days on Michigan Ave. in Chicago.

Grown on the Keukenhof estate grounds in Lisse, The Netherlands, tulipa ‘Maggie Daley’ will be distributed by DeVroomen’s U.S. office in Russell, Ill. The registration of this tulip name also will be permanently listed in the International Register of Tulip Names.

This new variety was developed over a 12-year period to withstand Chicago’s climate. Although there are currently only 400 ‘Maggie Daley’ tulip bulbs, an expected 150,000 bulbs should be available by 2010.

U.S. Global Resources Announces New European Office

U.S. Global Resources, Seattle, Wash., recently opened a new office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Anton Akkerman, former CEO of Stonehenge Communications, will direct the new office. U.S. Global Resources is an international greenhouse, nursery and reforestation development company and a supplier of controlled environment growing systems and products from producers and manufacturers around the world.

With the new location in Europe’s largest port, CEO Don Sharp plans to expand the company’s business in the growing markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company also has offices in Seattle Wash., Bangkok and various agents worldwide.

Since 1941, U.S. Global has completed more than 1,500 projects in 65 countries, with goals to help horticulture, agriculture and forestry companies grow better crops more efficiently.

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