SAF Signs Onto Ad In The Hill

April 25, 2007 - 09:28

The Society of American Florists (SAF) joined other members of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC) in signing onto an advertisement urging Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the weekly newspaper The Hill's immigration reform edition. The advertisement can be previewed by clicking here.

The purpose of the advertisement is to demonstrate that to be truly effective and comprehensive, immigration reform must include the following four key elements in one bill: provisions to secure the border, create a workable temporary worker program, enforce our current laws that hold employers accountable for whom they hire and address the issue of the 12 million illegal immigrants who are already in this country.

The advertisement further urges that Democrats and Republicans "turn down the rhetoric" and find a solution to what the entire country views as a pressing priority. Presently, Senate Republicans and Democrats are trying to find common ground to produce comprehensive immigration legislation that can gain the support of a majority of Republicans.

President Bush pledged his support to help reach a bipartisan compromise and recently told a group he was speaking to in Arizona that, in his view, a worthy comprehensive bill would have to include all the key components and that legislation should not provide an unconditional pardon.

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