Sakata and Ecke Join Together for Osteospermum Breeding Program

March 19, 2004 - 09:41

Sakata Ornamentals Europe has acquired the osteospermum Cape Daisy Breeding program from Ecke Europe, as of March 12, 2004.

The cooperation between the Paul Ecke Ranch and Sakata is a continuation of over five years of marketing and breeding between the two companies. "I deeply value what we and Sakata have accomplished, a true case of synergy between organizations," said Paul Ecke, III, CEO of Ecke Ranch.

Marketing and promotion in Europe will be led by a committee from Sakata Ornamentals Europe, the European marketing organization of the Ecke Ranch in the United States. Grower distribution will be via the European Distribution of Sakata Ornamentals Europe and the nominated licensees.

Plants in North America are marketed by Ecke within The Flower Fields program and will include the three new colors of Crescendo Osteospermum x dimorphotheca, new heat-tolerant Side Show osteospermum, the day-neutral Colorburst PRO calibrachoa and portulaca Yubi Summer Joy series.

The cooperation will allow the continuation of the breeding program for the Cape Daisy series after the retirement of Carl Sorensen, who will still act as a consultant in the future breeding program. Niels Kristensen, the current breeder of the series on the market, will join the Sakata breeding team, led by Maseo Bessho.

"By combining the Cape line with the Osteospermum Side, Side Show and Crescendo series of Sakata, we believe many exciting new osteospermum will be created for years to come," stated Sakata in its recent press release.

"The Ecke Ranch is very excited about this program. We are taking two great breeding lines and putting them under one roof. We are letting all of us do what we do best, and the result should be a win-win for growers and consumers," said Laurie Scullin, marketing director for Ecke Ranch.

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