Scotts Introduces Fusion Value Calculator

May 6, 2011 - 09:13

A new online calculator is available to help growers who may want to use Osmocote Pro with Fusion Technology.

Growers at container nursery operations deal with a common problem — the loss of surface-applied controlled-release fertilizer when containers inevitably topple over due to wind or heavy rainfall.

In 2010, Scotts Professional provided a solution to this predicament by introducing Osmocote Pro with Fusion Technology — a new category of controlled-release fertilizers.

Scotts Professional has introduced a new easy-to-use Fusion Value Calculator to help growers decide whether Osmocote Pro with Fusion Technology is the an appropriate controlled-release fertilizer for their specific needs.

Available online at, the Fusion Value Calculator allows growers to develop cost/return estimates based on their own operating costs and market prices. After growers input some basic information about spacing, fertilizer rates and bag costs, the calculator compares the investment costs of various fertilizer treatments and estimates the cost of fertilizer lost due to spillage. From there, growers can discover the potential hidden costs of the poorer crop quality that can result when fertilizer is spilled from containers.

Fusion Technology is a polymer compound added to Osmocote Pro controlled-release fertilizer. After the fertilizer is surface applied to the growing media and watered in, the polymer compound forms a web-like adhesive matrix, binding the fertilizer prills to the surface of the growing media. Re-wetting the growing media through subsequent irrigation maintains the fusion activity, ensuring the fertilizer will stay in place for an extended period of time.

For more information about Osmocote Pro with Fusion Technology, visit

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