Scotts Professional Launches New Web Site For Osmocote

June 5, 2009 - 13:00

Scotts Professional has launched a new Web site exclusively for its Osmocote product line at

Chris Buchheit, ornamental horticulture marketing manager for Scotts Professional, says the new Web site is designed to help growers quickly and easily learn which Osmocote product best suits their needs.

The site includes updated product sheets, testimonials, usage tips and application rates for the entire Osmocote product line, and features valuable information about other nutrition products from Scotts Professional.

A video that demonstrates the Scotts Patterned Nutrient Release Technology can be viewed on the site as well. This product takes Osmocote Plus, Scotts Professional's third generation Osmocote product, beyond the scope of traditional controlled-release fertilizers.

Osmocote Plus is available in three different patterns — Hi-Start, Standard and Lo-Start — and in longevities from three to 14 months to suit the needs of various crops.

  • Hi-Start releases an extra boost of early nutrition best suited for spring canning/topdressing, fast growing species, heavy feeders and spring-summer feeding species, and is also a good choice for annuals, perennials and short-term crops requiring larger amounts of fertility in the first part of their growth cycle.
  • Standard releases a steady source of nutrition throughout the growth cycle that's right for general purpose use, spring canning, short-term propagation or base feed in a combination coated fertilizer/liquid feed program.
  • Lo-Start releases an extra boost of nutrition later for fall canning when more fertilizer release is desired in the following spring. Lo-Start works well for long-term propagation, bare root plants shifted to container production, and summer or fall feeders.

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