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Soleno Textiles Announces State-of-the-Art Capillary Mat

The Aquamat Irrigation System, manufactured by Soleno Textiles (marketed by ARI), is a multi-layer textile mat irrigation system that can be used on greenhouse benches and for field production. According to Jim Ralles, ARI President, “The system provides total containment of runoff and can reduce water usage up to 70% in field applications and 60% in bench applications. The completely self-contained system, which saves on labor, can accelerate plant growth up to 35% over standard irrigation systems. The internal pad holds 3 gallons per square yard It is equipped with internal irrigation tubes and can be combined with overhead irrig

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The Aquathermat system is composed of multiple layers preventing surface evaporation and distributing water uniformly. Heating tubes warm water contained in the mat, which is...