Summit and Ball Announce Bio-Packaging Agreement

July 11, 2008 - 06:09

Summit Plastic Company and Ball Horticultural Company have agreed to manufacture and market sustainable packaging options for the horticulture industry. Using two years of cooperative research and development, the agreement is designed to provide consumers with practical, completely biodegradable, environmentally preferable choices.

Using “bio-resin” — exclusive to Ball under international licensing and patenting agreements — Summit will produce a wide range of bio-packaging products. Bio-resin is operationally compatible with Summit’s tools and equipment, ensuring new products in the same, preferred sizes. Bio-resin retains the characteristics of traditional plastic, making it simple for growers to transition to the “green” option.

According to Ball’s Bill Doeckel, the technology should dramatically reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastic that is used in the horticulture industry. “It is estimated that 48 percent of consumers place their plant pots and trays in their community recycling programs, most of that plastic still ends up in a landfill,” Doeckel says, “Ball is committed to changing those statistics and we’re pleased to have a partner, Summit, that shares our goals.”

If you’re reading this from the OFA Short Course, you might want to stop by the Ball and Summit booths and check out their samples.

For more information, contact Summit at (800) 814-3496.

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