Sustainability Services Offers Federal Energy Grant Assistance

February 12, 2010 - 13:06

Sustainability Services recently announced the addition of a new service for horticultural businesses: assistance with federal energy grant applications.

Many greenhouses, nurseries and garden centers have begun installing energy conservation systems and renewable energy generation systems to offset rising energy costs. While the savings can be significant after four to eight years, the initial acquisition of components and installation is capital intensive.

To help ease the capital strain, the USDA has made available outright grants for qualifying energy conservation and generation installations up to $500,000. But navigating the requirements and completing a qualifying application can be intimidating and time consuming.

Anyone contemplating installing energy conservation equipment such as heat curtains, insulation and new energy efficient coverings or the generators such as wind turbines, solar panels or biomass boilers should consider applying for one of these outright grants. Sustainability Services is now positioned to assist potential applicants in determining their eligibility and completing a professional, effective application.

For more information or a free assessment of your project, contact Sustainability Services at Sustainability Services offers sustainability assessments in conjunction with qualification and application for sustainability certification and energy grants and is not affiliated with any regulatory agency.

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