T and D US

TandD is a manufacturer of high reliability data acquisition and logging equipment. The company produces a wide range of models with unique functionality, such as wireless data retrieval, portable hand held data collectors, LAN connectivity, built in web servers, etc. Many of the loggers are also waterproof. All of the company's products are manufactured in Japan for the highest possible reliability.

P.O. Box 321
Saratoga Springs NY 12866

Company Products

The Log-EZ is a new wireless data logging system designed with simplicity of set up in mind. This user-friendly devide measures and records both temperature and humidity.
The new user-friendly log-EZ can be used to measure and record temperature and humidity in various places such as laboratories and production facilities. Wireless...
The RTR-500 series is designed to offer a wide selection of wireless data loggers and a broad choice of wireless data collector options. The system offers solutions for...
The new RTR-52Pt is compact, portable and battery- operated. Sensors are attached using a standard three-wire screw terminal block. The unit features a large LCD display for...
The RTR-5x line of wireless data loggers and data collectors is designed to remotely monitor and record temperature, humidity and soil moisture. Logged data and current...
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