Twyford's Microsorium crocodyllus Favorite New Foliage Plant

January 30, 2004 - 12:08

from Twyford
International, Inc., was the winner of the Favorite New Foliage Plant of 2004
at TPIE in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. held January 15-17.

A native of
Australia, M. crocodyllus

is named for its foliage, which resembles the skin of a crocodile. The unusual
leaf texture and the plant habit allow this fern to be used for pot and basket production.
Foliage can be harvested for cut greens in floral arrangements. It can also be
used in combination planters for contrast as well as a specimen plant.
style='font-family:TimesNewRomanPS;color:blue'> TimesNewRomanPS'>Fronds can reach 5-6 feet long. Outdoors, plants are hardy to
USDA Zone 11.

far as crop timing goes, one liner that is planted in a 6-inch pot finishes in
four to five months; one liner in a 8-inch pot finishes in seven to eight
months and one liner in a 10-inch pot or hanging best finishes in nine to 11

Grower benefits
include few insect and disease problems and multiple uses as indoor and outdoor
foliage plant grown separately or in combination and as a hanging basket. M.
leathery looking leaf gives this plant a unique appearance whether it's finished
in a container by itself or in combinations or used in fresh cut floral
arrangements. For more information contact Twyford International Inc. at (800)

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