X. S. Smith, Inc.

X.S. Smith offers a complete line of greenhouse structures and horticultural products that meet the most demanding requirements of growers around the world. Since 1946, X.S. Smith has meant excellence for all sizes of greenhouses; from small ground-to-ground arch houses to multi-span gutter-connected complexes.

X.S. Smith’s Sunshine greenhouse is an A-frame that is designed for growth. Its simple truss construction reduces structural clutter and optimizes growing space and maximizes light transmission. Galvanized steel columns support the framework for the A-frame profile. Smith’s proven aluminum gutter-connected technology can be covered with polyethylene film, polycarbonate, or acrylic

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Company Products

The Sun Ridge is a polyethylene-covered double roof vent for both gutter-connected and freestanding greenhouses. It provides approximately 7 feet of vent opening at the...
The Sun Ridge is a double-roof vent that, when used in conjunction with side- or end-wall vents, creates a solar chimney to naturally ventilate the greenhouse. The Sun Ridge...
By offering open-roof technology, the Sun Roof Greenhouse regulates the amount of sun needed and closes to save heat at night. Length is 12 feet, and it is available in two...